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Desire for children

Desire for children

You would like to have a child and your desire has gone unfulfilled till now? We can clarify the following factors in an examination.

  • previous life story: previous gynaecological diseases, surgery, infections, pregnancy birth, gynaecologist Vienna, birth Vienna, gynaecologist, menstrual and cycle history, eating habits, weight, smoking, etc.
  • general gynaecological examination: cancer smear, ultrasound
  • blood test: hormone analysis
  • Semen analysis of the male partner
  • hormonal stimulation
  • verification of ovulation: ultrasound
  • hysteroscopy, laparoscopy
  • hysterosalpingogram to determine whether the fallopian tubes are open

Dr. Mathias Rohla, Facharzt für Gynäkologie Wien, Floridsdorf & Geburt Wien, Frauenarztshilfe . Pastorstraße 2a . 1210 Vienna . t +43 1 257 47 01 .


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Dr. Mathias Rohla Gynaecologist and obstetrician work Pastorstraße 2a 1210 Vienna Austria work +43 1 257 47 01